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Default Sony XBA-1

Yesterday my Sony MDR-EX58V died after 5 months of use. Today i suffered the audiphile's worst nightmare, some one lended me a pair of crappy headphones. They sounded like a cheap radio Bach never sucked so bad in SQ

Today after the torture i made my wallet bleed some e-money, bought the Sonys XBA-1, my first audiophile headphones here in mexico they cost 856 pesos, but Office depot had them at 799 pesos so i grabbed the only pair at store

Now the review: first the cable is a J cable, i don't have issues with it, no earbud falling or strain issues.

The infamous microphonics are not so strong, thank god for this, absolutely love the flat cable, no tangles and little microphonics

They come with a cloth bag, silicone tips [normal and noise-isolating (some spongey thingy insde)], a cable winder or sort of i nevr use those things.

They're pretty light weight, the ear tips make a sort of suction effect, nut i know they're nicely sealed. The plug is a 90 degree one Kudos for this.

The SQ, WOW i almost chocked with water LOL i never heard the viola da gamba on Handel's Aria for 2 violins in B flat HWV 338 and subtle details like the harpsichord on the messiah's.

The soft fortepiano intro in one of JC bach's concerti was too good to be true.

Sound is overall balanced in the spectrum, so detailed and natural soundig, yo-yo ma cello suites of bach sounde sooooo damn good, like being in front of him listening, you can her the fingers plucking the lute strings or the quills the harpsichord strings

Bass well bass is present but NOT OVERWHELMING BASS like some other headphones i have owned.

One of my coworkers told me go for the Beats by dr dre, theye amazing. I was LOLing on my inside, "I will not liste to classical on junk phones"

Now something important NO AMP NEED, well at leat using an iPod classic 2009 model as for isolation lol i can't hear myself typing on the computer

NOTE all my music is 192 kbps MP3 CBR encoded fraunhoffer they still sound quite good damn good in fact

Natural sound
Bass is present but not exaggerated
Loud in an ipod classic
little cable noise
Good isolation with normal tips

mmmm none so far
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