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I Have the newest firmware available from Sandisk. I guess the album name is maybe limited to a constant size of letters?

But I have another problem which wasnt mentioned here:
For me it is not possible to fast forward!
If I hear for example rock and try to fast forward, fast forwarding works, but when I stop I cant listen to the music. The music is kind of scratchy and overgained, it sounds very weird.

Does anyone has that problem too?
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Originally Posted by roadrunner View Post
I have 4.1.08A but it won't display the whole album name after track name, sometimes it is just artist again. Anyone else have this problem?
I had an m250 with this firmware. It may have been done automatically by the firmware updater, in any case I had that version. The unit may have been defective, I just can't believe they'd release firmware that screwy. My settings would all disappear when I powered down and after a day or so I could no longer write data to the unit. Sandisk RMA'd the unit and the one I got in return has firmware 2.2.5A. That evidently cannot be writen with 4.x firmware. When I try to update I'm informed that I can't "downgrade." Well, you're interpretation of that is as good as mine. I assume that for my m250, 2.2.5A is the latest. Evidently there are at least two different versions of the m250. Either that or they have a system where version 2.x firmware will no be upgraded with 4.x and/or vice versa.

I'm getting much better performance but one thing I do miss is the fact that with version 4.1.08A I got an accelerated FF if I held down the FF button. I use a lot of 3+ hours MP3's and would like that feature. The thing I am disappointed the most about is that if I go into FM mode, the player forgets where I was in the last played file. It's a major drawback for me.
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Hello people. I got the 4.x.x sansa m250 version, and in latest firmware still got the problem with songs that got non-unicode cyrillic tags. Is there any way to downgrade it to 2.x version or it is hardware-dependant and unchangable? I tried a few tricks with changing version number but even if the updater did download the 2.25 and like "updated" it, it made no changes to firmware itself...
Just wanted to know, what are my choices, maybe i can do something or just to wait for newer 4.x versions with hope of fixing that issue. Thank you
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Default cyrillic tags

... the 4.x.x sansa m250 version, and in latest firmware still got the problem with songs that got non-unicode cyrillic tags.
Does this mean that this device can show the "unicode" cyrillic tag?
I tried different formats and didn't find the appropriate. Can somebody answer the question - which tag format is supported by m250 v4 - for cyrillic characters?
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Default static pop

Originally Posted by CodeMonger View Post
Finally one audio book that I played was divided up into really small segments and for some reason the player would chirp after each piece was played.
I've got the same problem with my m250 (firmware 4.1.08A). At the end of most (not all) tracks of the audio book I'm listening to there is a LOUD static pop. I thought it might be a defect in the player so I returned it (twice), but all 3 players do the same thing. I checked it on my other m250 2.x.x model and on a m240 and playback is perfect on both. Unless a firmware fix comes out for this I guess I'm stuck with getting blasted at the end of each track.
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