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Default Boot-Loader for YP-R0

Boot Loader for YP-R0

N.B: Sorry for my bad english. Read slowly, it can be full of mistakes!
N.B-2: The most sensitive part for a player like this is the firmware installation, that is the same for any other firmware for this player. I tested this mod on my player, and there aren't any problems, so it's very unlikely to brick your player. However i suggest to follow this tutorial.
N.B-3: Like any other firmware installation it can cause permanently data loss.

Some days ago i wrote a shell script for simulating a boot loader for this player.
The script allow you to choose which firmware boot at any startup, or (in case of problems) you can boot in SafeMode.

To install this "boot-loader" you need a modified version of the Modfirm (by Lorenzo92), that allow you to lauch the startup script from a writable partition (for future modifications). The startup script must be placed in "Neo-Ghost".
You also need the .rockbox folder on the root of your media0 partition on the player.
I created a 7zipped file where you can find everything i said (~50mb).

Download the 7z file.
Unzip it.
Connect the R0 to pc, copy inside the player the content of the folder "copy_in_r0".
Disconnect the player, Shut down it (completely) and reboot it.
Wait for the new firmware installation.
At the end power off the R0, connect it to pc pressing and holding "back" button (player will enter in Safe_Mode), now copy in Neo-Ghost the contents of "copy_in_neoghost".
Unmount all partition from pc and disconnect R0.
Reset the player.
Test my "boot loader".

Note: It's a shell script, so you can customize it for booting a firmware or another after a certain number of seconds.

UPDATE For RB build with FM Radio:
You can follow this tutorial without install Modfirm 2.30 and copying in media1 (NEO-GHOST) instead of media0 (player's root).

UPDATE 20120716: Released V2_20120716_graphical_DualBoot_100%_RB_support

Version : Modfirm V2.50 RB Support Dual Boot
Target : EU
User : root
Dir : /home/pietro/Dev/R0/bootloader_v2/rom
BuildTime : 12/07/16 23:00:51
Included radio module
Included ext2 module
Optimized busybox cfg
Dual boot user friendly - 100% customizable
External app-loader for 100% customizing
External cfg for boot loader
BootLoader auto-boot time customizable (see bootl.cfg)
Removed some useless things (such as old libs, cfg and the DRK)
Modded rb_loader (WARNING! Do not overwrite this loader with another, you'll loss radio support!)
Add entire busybox executables and links for getting a standard console
Add modules needed for USB Host mode
Link V2:
DEPRECATED - See Official Modfirm 2.51

Thanks to Lorenzo92, Lebellium (and all other developers working on YP-R0) for the modfirm and the rockbox port.

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