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Default Why Windows Phone resonates with me

I'm often asked why I'm such a big supporter of Windows Phone. Is it due to the OS's speed (as evidenced by "Smoked by Windows Phone")? It's reliability? It's functionality? Put simply, Windows Phone resonates with me because it has the best of what Microsoft has to offer built into the OS.

I'm a big fan of Zune, so the Music + Video Hub allows me to transform my Windows Phone into, in essence, a "Zune HD 2." The Metro UI originally pioneered by Zune is one of the most eye-catching things about Windows Phone, and it includes all of the features I'd expect from a Zune, including access to the Zune Marketplace and unlimited streaming music with a Zune Music Pass.

I'm also a big gamer, so the Games Hub lets me connect with friends over Xbox LIVE and earn achievements while on the go. There's even weekly game releases and special deals, just like on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Thanks to the latest SkyDrive update, all of my documents, photos, music, videos, and miscellaneous files are stored on Microsoft's free (up to 7GB, 25GB for existing customers) cloud storage service. Combine this with the Office Hub (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote), and I suddenly have quick access to every single document I use for school or work. OneNote, in particular, is fantastic for keeping track of tasks and projects, so I have multiple notes pinned to my Start screen. And thanks to SkyDrive, anything I edit on my phone is instantly synced back to and all of my computers.

Then there's the integration with Microsoft's online services (formerly referred to as Windows Live) like Hotmail and the aforementioned SkyDrive. My contacts, calendar, emails, and tasks are instantly synced between Hotmail and Windows Phone, so I'm never without access to them. And with Windows Live Messenger integration in the Messaging Hub, I can quickly IM friends, family, and colleagues as if I was texting them.

Of course, I can't forget Bing and Internet Explorer, which work together to help me find and access content on the internet. Bing features like Local Scout (for finding nearby restaurants and stores), Bing Music (which lets me search for music based on an audio clip), Bing Vision (which does everything from barcode scanning to translating text in other languages in the real world), Bing Voice Search (which lets me initiate calls, send messages, and launch apps with my voice), and quick cards (for search results) are fantastic too.

Finally, there are official Microsoft apps which provide additional functionality, such as Bing Translator and the SkyDrive app.

In short, Windows Phone is special to me because it integrates with everything I already use, like Zune, Xbox LIVE, Office, SkyDrive, Hotmail, Bing, and IE. It truly is the focal point for everything Microsoft has to offer. Other platforms offer similar functionality in some cases, but none integrate more closely with Microsoft's products than Windows Phone (obviously). The interface, speed, and reliability just put it over the top.

What do you think?
Microsoft Xbox MVP. Long live Zune!
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