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Default Sony e400 vs. Sony Z or A series

I'm in U.S. and I use many different iems and some full sized headphones (I have several portable amps that can easily drive them). I'm a midrange, clarity, and soundstage guy first but do prefer balanced bass (not rolled off or too little). I do not like recessed midranges but rather slightly forward ones or at least balanced ones. I like the music to be very clear, no veil or muddiness. I also like good to a great soundstage. This is the reason I own the best headphones in the world (the AD-900)

Basically I'm looking for another Sony player (my s545 got messed up) and don't want to buy the new Z or A series if the much less expensive E series is close to them in the sound quality I described above.

So my question is:
If anyone heard the new Sony e series along with the Z series or the new A series then is the e series close to them in sound quality (midrange, clarity, soundstage)? Give distinctions on how the sound differs.

And please don't recommend the clip because I already own the awesome device . I always must have a clip and a sony at all times.

P.S. How does the clip+ compare (with rockbox) in sound quality against the Z or new A series?
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