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Default Dead volume button(s) - a workaround

The 13th seems to be a bit of an unlucky day for me, the + volume on my i7 died, which wouldn't have mattered so much if I hadn't just turned vol to 0 by accident! I cannot live without my MP3 player, I don't hear my other half snoring, nor the cat wailing, the dustbin lorry, etc. Not to mention I listen to so many podcasts ...
Anyway, while waiting for AMP3 to see about repairing, I thought up a workaround.

I reformatted and popped on FW again (although I discovered this still works without doing that first). Then the key move - I set country to USA, which resets the volume to 14, Yeah! Sound! (it didn't do that with the 'Europe' selection, the vol stayed at 0).

With sound now back, you can go to JetEffect and set up a profile by adjusting the bars, either of the user, or of the various other ones to set a specific vol level (14 is way too loud for me unless on a bus). I used the user profile only. I then went back in the menu to the main JetEffect options and right at the bottom, there is Preset ... if you go into that and press and hold the play key, it then says 'Load' and 'Save'. I saved. I then repeated that for another few times so that I now have a set of EQ profiles at different levels to use when I want to go up in volume (in this case in addition to the standard JetEffect profiles. If you adjust the standard EQ profiles like Voc/Met/ etc, that expedites things (actually better as fewer moves to make when you want to use them, and you can scroll through). So when you want to adjust the vol up, you now select one of the profiles at the level you desire! Simples!

Sounds rather long-winded but it really is very easy if you have no other way of turning your volume back up if you need to turn it down. Or if neither of your vol buttons work at all.

I imagine it pretty well works for any iaudio that has JetEffect setup like that.
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