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Old 05-03-2012, 04:08 PM
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Default Headphones, i'm lost, and a previous thanks

Firstly, a big thanks to the informative topics some of you guys wrote and posted in. I finally managed to decide on a Cowon J3. It was a hard choice, but if only i was able to demo one, then it wouldn't of been

Anyhow, i was planning for new headphones, but even more so now my Bose IEs don't perform so well with the J3.

I was hoping that i wouldn't have to use peoples time by registering and asking for advice on headphones. But i'm really struggling to understand some of them, and how they sound due to no experience. I've registered over at iaudiophile to better my understanding even more.

My previous setup was a Walkman A818 with Bose IE and WMA 196kps (WMA > MP3 so i was led to believe over the years). That sounded good, and was happy. But wanted more recently. (forgive my descriptions now!) The treble/highs is 'put forward' and 'clear'. The mid 'kicks precisely' and well, with voice being clear at the same time. The lows, well there isn't any. A very light clean thump is what you get, unless the EQ comes into play. But this messes up the relationship with other sounds, quite noticeable on particular sections of music, but only now and then. The J3 gave them even more clarity, and that's on flat settings, used flat settings on the Walkman 90% of the time too. The 'soundstage' was good, but i know there's gotta be better due to my untrained ears.

A closed headphone is what i'm after. Pure isolation from the outside. I will in the near future, be buying some Vinyl decks to mix DnB, (wait there). They may also be used for video editing, i use a Rode mic with my camera to film bmx/trials. And will be using these when riding sometimes, when a helmet isn't required. They will be used at work (in a warehouse), but i won't be there forever so DJ/ Mixing is the highest priority. (one more thing), i may use these for gaming or films if the 'soundstage'? is good. Soundstage how you perceive noises to come from different areas from around you??

Music genres. Yeah i'm a DnB head, but the DnB i listen to has a large variation of sounds, while also becoming very busy with many different sounds sometimes. [BSE, Ed Rush, Gridlok, Prolix] for those aware of.
However, not straying to far away from there, Venetian Snares, Classical based albums.
Next up, Punk and Metal. [We're talking Slayer, Adolescents, Rancid, Blink] So yeah slightly contradicting in themselves even.
A big fan of any old game music and mixes. [Sonic Mayhem [quake] OC Remixes [voices of the lifestream!], Frank Klepacki, Bart Klepka, Zircon]
On a happier note. [The Sounds, Trocadero]
And it's probably is irrelevant now, but [DJ Hixxy [bonkers]]

--So a round up. Non mainstream DnB, Punk, Metal, Classical and all things electronic inbetween.

What would i like?
Clarity highs and vocals
Aggressive and precise on fast busy music
Real on form bass, not forced, or overdone
Spacious, large soundstage to get lost in

One sided replaceable cable.
Room (my ears are slightly bigger than average)
A box or case would be nice.
And the best durability if possible. Weight isn't and issue if comfort isn't completely poor.

OK, i suck. But i would like to be able to beatmatch while mixing and take advantage of the J3's EQ settings to bring out for highs or lows when required.

90% of my music is purchased and owned on CD. So FLAC is the game when i get round to re-ripping my CD collection. Currently in WMA lossless. The other 10% is Mp3 downloaded free stuff, unavailable to purchase.

Budget huh? Ideally 100 to 200 GBP. I was lucky to get my J3 for 150 straight from Korea.

Unfortunately in the nearest city, there isn't any places that demo all the brands. Only Bose, Sennheiser, Beats, Skullcandy. But i'm gonna keep looking.
From what i currently know and have read (i've read allot, i hide in the warehouse while my friend does the work, which we take in turns );
Shure 940. Smart, boxed, cables, studio monitoring, and can handle bass when EQ'd
Audio Technica M50s. Good allround studio monitor but poor soundstage
That's as far i've got to ones i like/ suit.

Hopefully not missed anything! Feel free to rip my questions/ ideas apart. I'm always open for improvement.

And again many thanks. PS, you may see this topic at iaudiophile.
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