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Old 04-27-2012, 10:41 PM
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Help A range of questions - .flac/Z2/J3/What's-a-Kizune/.ect

I made my title as descriptive as I could.

Good day! () Long time lurker - First time poster.
I don't want a Smartphone, but I do want a music player. All I ask of it that it does its job and does it well, and if it as any extras along with it so be it...presuming it does a good job at those things too. A feature isn't a feature if it's crap. Video is of course a plus for those long trips ( & there are some really impressive music videos out there). I am particularly sensitive to music. While for MOST people .flac on a portable music player would be overkill...even for a few audiophiles... I need it. Music is my drug of choice.

That said my tastes are expanding. I have thus far only been able to get .flac from places like Bandcamp with its assortment of home grown talents.
I want to expand my library of .flac songs to a commercial market.
Unfortunately songs like Erik Wllo-Sounds of the seen , Yoko Kanno-35.7c , or Gareth Emery - Arrival you cannot get off the net in .flac (as far as I know if you get my drift). For me to do that I would have to buy a CD (which seems to be slowly harder and harder to do) and use some unknown program to rip it into .flac. I love my music...but 1 song isn't worth the coast of a CD where usually there is only one or two songs that I like. That that cd takes up space I don't have...blah blah blah. I don't even want to think about how many CDs it would take to make the collection I have in mind. O_o

-So with that noted-

About a year ago I after much agonizing of particulars I got a Cowon J3. I loved the sound & screen...loved abit less the lack to the ability of organization for all my music, but Kizune's Skins & Code were a nice attempt to help buffer that lack of ability. More on that in a moment.
Last year an event occurred that caused my J3 to be, as far as I know, no more. Mysterious for a reason...let's leave it at that. :/

I have been waiting to see what Cowon had in store for this year (fingers crossed since its cowon). At the moment the Z2 is in my crosshairs of stringent screening. My main concern at this point is hardware in general. I have been trying to find out the difference hardware wise from the J3 to the Z2 but it seems cowon thought it would be a good idea and give different bits of technical information for each music player in the manuals they have on the site making comparing not possible.
Then there is the ability to Root and Market hack the Cowon Z2, thought I have little understanding on this what you can do with this other than you are breaking the rules of the originally created programming. This is in part to I have never used the Android OS before, so this old version of it will be new to me. I would like to add Voodoo Sound just to see what all the fuss is about.

Then there is the current state of the Z2...while it could improve with firmware (and OS) updates... doesn't help much in making a final decision.

Kizune-you seem to have the best understanding due to seeing how all this tech works inside and out - can you make it better through codeing - or does the change in the OS screw that idea up before it starts? I would (try to) do it myself (and I would like to), but I don't know nor comprehend much of anything involving code...just design. (I am aware of Cheetah.)

I'm trying to figure out if the issues known can be fixed software wise. I have seen it done before -and I'm hoping it can be done again here (presuming the hardware is sound).

With the discontinuation of the one and only J3...I am REALLY at a squeeze here. I'm thinking that I may just have to the silence. With just me...and my brain. *shudder*

Oh... take note I'm not dead set on Cowon ...just awesome sound & flac .
I have also looked at Archos, Sansa, Creative, and even Samsung. >_>

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