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Default Help!! Wireless Logitech Z515 Suck

I'm looking at a wireless solution in my apartment to stream Pandora and other Internet radio stations from my Windows 7 laptop. My budget is approximately $130 right now, and I've never looked at wireless speakers so any assistance is very much appreciated!

I just got back from Best Buy and they had 2 speakers to choose from. 1 was $300 or $400 (forget which brand) and the other was the Logitech Z515 ($80). It sucks. No bass and it sounds thin. I wouldn't say tinny, but just thin. Like there's no substance behind the music. Needless to say I will be returning it tomorrow.

I'm not expecting huge sound at this price point, and nor do I really want huge sound either because I want to be respectful of my neighbors and not piss them off..after all I just moved in. But it needs to be a definite upgrade than the Logitech.

I found the Creative ZiiSound D3x at $127 on Amazon which is right at the top of my budget. I like that I can add another 2 units in the future plus a sub (hopefully neighbors won't mind ) and stream the same station throughout all my rooms. This is my ideal set-up. The only drawback is it needs to be plugged in to power it. Are there any small portable AC power units I could charge then plug into it?

Or are there any other wireless speakers at this price point that would allow me to add additional speakers and not require me to plug it into an outlet? I would want to add at least 1 more in the future. I'm open to any suggestions of other configurations too

Thanks again if anyone can help..
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