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Default Sennheiser HD650 Debate

I know this thread is a bit unorthodox the way it began based on the 2nd post in another thread here but I felt that we were trampling all over the other thread asking for headphone recommendations so I moved all the off topic posts here.

Originally Posted by jupitreas View Post
Sennheiser HD650 is a good choice for jazz but the Cowon J3 probably won't be able to drive them too well. They are also very unportable as they don't fold.
Agreed, the 650s aren’t portable friendly but the J3 should drive them fine, even better with an amp but I'd hate to see how long the battery life would be.

Originally Posted by jupitreas View Post
Beyerdynamic DT880 is a decent alternative, they have much clearer highs than the Sennheiser, but the mids are a tad rolled off (just a tad). They are not portable in any way either though.
Sorry, I disagree, the highs on the 650s are greatly underestimated by most that don’t use them and they’re extremely clear across the whole audio spectrum. While it’s possible that some folks do not like them because of their warmth, they’re far from not being clear in the mids or highs and work well with all the music genres I’ve thrown at them, including jazz.

Edit: to be clear here I wouldn’t recommend them for biking or portable use as they’re not suited for that IMO, I just posted to clear up a point as I use them daily.

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