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Default [S9/J3/X7] Cheetah XT Beta

First off: I can't keep this thread up-to-date all the time, sorry. Hell, I can't even keep my Twitter and G+ up-to-date!

Thus, here's the link to my thread on

I will post all official updates, but no minor stuff.


What is Cheetah XT?

Cheetah XT is - or rather: will be - a complete GUI package for the Cowon S9, J3 and X7. At the moment it consists of two mainmenus and a picture UI.

It was created with four key points in mind:
- Usability
- Speed
- Customizability
- Feature-richness

Indeed Cheetah XT goes other ways than my previous UCIs in some points, most notably the way larger icons and the support for themes and apps - features no other UCIs support to that extent.

Please note that Cheetah XT is currently in Beta stage which means that there's still a long way of development to go.

Themes? Apps?

Themes can be considered as mainmenus - they are similar to regular mainmenus, but are coded exclusively for Cheetah XT and make use of Cheetah XT's fantastic API. Themes can look however the developer wants: A theme can look like the default theme (shown in the preview picture above), it can look like Windows Phone 7 or it can look entirely different.

Apps can be considered as UCIs - way faster UCIs which start in a split second. A downside of apps is that they can only be used in Cheetah XT because just like themes, they use Cheetah XT's API as well.

Development Status / Bug Reports / Suggestions

This Google Spreadsheet contains information about the current development status and lets you post suggestions and bug reports.

(Note: The Spreadsheet contains three sheets!!)


Dropbox | Google Drive | MediaFire

- Open the archive and extract it into System/Flash UI/.
- Select the file 'mainmenuN.swf' and replace the 'N' with '1', '2' or '3' (X7 users can only use '1' or '2'). Which number you choose depends on which mainmenu you'd like to replace. Read your player's manual if you don't know what I mean.
- Please note: If file extensions are hidden (so the file is only called 'mainmenuN'), do not add '.swf' to the filename.

High FPS Launcher (J3 only)

MediaFire | Google Drive | Dropbox

- Open the archive and then open the folder that contains the desired launcher. Available launchers are 24, 30, 40, 50 and 60 FPS.
- Select the file 'launcher.swf' in that folder and paste it into System/Flash UI/

This launcher is based on Cowon's stock launcher but has been optimized. In other words, your player should run even smoother if this launcher is installed.

Resources for Theme and Widget Developers

External Widgets: Specifications | Sample Widget




If you want to show me your gratefulness or want to support the development of Cheetah XT, feel free to donate via PayPal.

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