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Default HD Output From an Old Zune Dock

I know that this has been brought up again and again, with the answer that YES a Zune HD will work with an old Zune AV dock - *but* with only SD (480i) output thru composite.

Here's a new approach that I'm eager to try, to save a few $ instead of buying the >$85 Zune HD official AV dock: why not change the pinouts on the the old docks? I'm constantly finding the old V1 & v2 docks for between $7 and $15 on Amazon, so...

Here's the pinout I've found:

The old docks which have RCA connectors should be using Audio L (pin13) and Audio R (pin14)for two of the RCA connectors, with Pin 09 being Video. They are all centrally grounded, if I understand properly, to pin 12 (AV Grnd). On the old docks, the pins not being used *should* therefore be 10 (Pb output) and 11 (Pr output), which causes the Zune HD to switch Pin 9 from the usual component Y to composite out. So - if the connections on Pins 13 and 14 are switched to 10 and 11, we could theoretically get the Zune HD to output the proper, 720p component high-def video.

Only problem then could be sound - since I'm not interested in the aesthetics of the dock, I'm thinking that I'll just drill 'er out, so I can get a 3.5mm jack into the bottom of the zune. If this isn't possible, such as the 3.5mm jack getting locked out when the zune is placed in the dock, then I think I'll just solder 2 additional RCA audio cables back onto Pins 13 and 14.

Well, that's my plan. I'm looking for comments/advice on the feasibility of this plan. Worst case, I'm only out $20 bucks and a few hours of time, after all!
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