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Default “Bump” photos to your PC

Bump is a fun little photo-sharing app, and it has recently introduced a new feature, spacebar bumping. If you’re unfamiliar with Bump, it allows you to take two smartphones, of any supported platform, and bump them together—think fist bump while holding your phones—to share pictures. A little gimmicky? Yes. Easier than using Bluetooth? Oh yeah.

And now you can do the same thing with your computer. Fortunately picking up your expensive—and heavy!—desktop will not be required. Simply turn on your browser’s location service—or add an exception for the bump site—point your browser to, open the Bump application, select a picture, and bump your spacebar. It took me several bumps to get the hang of it—partially due to forgetting about my GPS toggle, sorry keyboard!—but once I got the feel of it, I was greeted with a super clean interface from which I can drag and drop my pictures.

“This might not be the only way to share photos, but what we wanted is something that is the easiest way for most people in the world,” said David Lieb, co-founder and CEO of Bump adding, “lower the tech hurdle enough so that most people use it.”

Now, I certainly don’t live in the most densely packed locale, but if you live in an apartment building, you may be rightfully concerned about other people bumping at the same time as you. Fear not, as the Bump team has thought of this, and provided a super simple icon-identification system for you to make sure that you are you. Something akin to a dead-simple Bluetooth pairing function.

Prior to this, my favorite mobile file-sharing app was vscreens which, like spacebar Bump, is in beta still. Bump does pretty much the same thing, but with a much easier and faster user interface. However I can use vscreens on my PS3 and even some web-enabled TVs—hopefully Bump will work on that soon, although I can already imagine the lawsuits after people punch their plasma TVs.

What is your favorite mobile file-sharing application? What are the best (and worst) features? Is there anything missing that you wish it could do?

[Bump via TechCrunch]
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