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Default Vocaloids, anyone?

(Can't seem to find a Music-specific board, so.)
Does anyone here listen to Vocaloid? I ran a search on both "Vocaloid" and "Hatsune Miku". Both came up empty.

I have only recently discovered this Japanese technological miracle. I've been listening to human singers before. Pop or rock, male or female. But to me, Vocaloid tops all of those. I know these "voices" are synthesized. However, the cheerful and energetic voice of Miku, or the soft and calming voice of Luka, or the Kagamine twins, or the 1st-gen Meiko and Kaito... Vocaloid just sounds "right" to me. In fact I bought a brand new Walkman just for listening to the Vocaloids. Pity that they probably won't appreciate the effort, heh.

Anyway, if you listen to Vocaloid, it'll be really nice to just chime in and maybe talk about your favorite songs. Mine's Magnet, but, I guess a lot of people like Magnet, too.

I'd really appreciate it if you don't come in and say "you're insane" or "they're not real". I know that Vocaloids aren't real. That doesn't change the fact that I'd love to go to a live Vocaloid concert.
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