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Default Yurbuds

I picked up a pair of Yurbuds at the local Wally Mart. At 30 bucks they're overpriced as far as sound quality. I do like the way they fit though. As advertised they won't fall out of your ear and they're very comfortable. If anyone knows if there are any better sounding phones with the same form factor I'd appreciate as I like the idea that stay in my ear yet I can be aware of my surroundings. I think Bose has a similar form factor on their ear buds but I'm shy about getting Bose. However if they fit the same and sound better I might. Hopefully Sennheiser will come out with buds like the Yurbuds.
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You do know that yurbuds has a few different models, I’m guessing from the price you state that you got the yurbuds ironman inspire? AFAIK they’re the only ones with that twistlock technology but if that’s important to you, you may find over-the-ear designed IEMs work as well or better for you. I haven’t ever tried the yurbuds so I couldn’t speak to how well this tech may or may not work and never heard any comments about their sound quality. Although it seems to me that these days one can find some really good/great sounding IEMs for a fraction of the price they were selling a few years back …

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I don't want over the ears phones. I like the earbud form factor because I can hear my surroundings and when I get to where I want to go, I just wrap them around my Clip Zip and put in my pocket. If over the ear phones fit in my pocket, then the clip falls off or gets hookes on my keys and the contents in my pocket flys out when I dig them out. The Yurbuds are burning in, starting to sound a bit better, but won't replace my Grado headphones. Anyway, heres hoping Sennheiser or Audio Technica or anyone else comes out with a better version with Yurbuds form factor.
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