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Default Over-Ear Headphones Under $100

I've been searching for the prefect pair of headphones for awhile now, and I can't quite seem to find the perfect one at the price I want. Listed below is my basic criteria. If anyone could recommend any headphones, that would be greatly appreciated.
-I really want detachable cords (preferably just a 3.5mm AUX cable) so I can store them easier and reduce tangles
-I want either over-ear or on-ear type
-I want the best sound I can afford
-I prefer a stylish design, I don't want studio headphones.
-I prefer a plain color, like black or silver
-I will be using the headphones with a SansaClipZip+, My laptop, Cowon Z2, and/or a Cowon J3.
-I WANT SOMETHING VERY DURABLE THAT WILL LAST! I cannot stress this enough. I want headphones that I don't have to baby around and can take a beating.
-I have two pairs in mind, and they both seem to have a reputation for durability. However, they don't meet my criteria in all aspects.

Philips Stretch - (doesn't have detachable cords, debatable sound quality)
V-Moda Crossfade LP - (over my budget; the cheapest new ones I can find are like $120) But I love the travel case, the detachable cables, and the included accessories

I love the V-Modas, but the price is over my budget. I am also somewhat skeptical about the sound quality.

So in conclusion, I am asking for:
1. a cheap place to buy the V-Modas for under $100
2. a review of the sound quality of the Philips Stretch
3. a pair of headphones not mentioned that fits most or all of my criteria

Thanks a lot!
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