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Default HTC Evo 3D - local buying and prices?

Recently, I've been very interested in Tablet PCs and Smartphones, and have been wasting serious time trying to grasp the current situation of it. I've looked at the iphones, samsungs (note and galaxies), lg, htc, blackberry, etc.

The phone that strikes my interest the MOST is the HTC Evo 3D. I know the 3D capability is VERY gimmicky. Problem is that it is mostly a cdma SPRINT fone, and I have a 2yr contract w/ at&t which does gsm only (WHYYY??). The amazon prices for the GSM version of evo 3d are relatively stable at new $430-435.00, and used $399.00 without contracts - both of which I find...are prices I am VERY unwilling to pay for a smartphone. However, on my local craiglist, I found a gsm version of the evo 3d for $300.00, and it was only opened for 4 days. Now, I'm not sure how much the seller has used it ever since he opened it 4 days ago, but I still think $300.00 is too much for a "like-new" fone. I haven't haggled with him yet, but what do you all think about an HTC Evo 3D GSM that has been opened for only 4 days and costs $300.00? Do you predict that the evo 3D will very likely be replaced in the near future by much better phones at much cheaper prices? Or do you think I should try to haggle the price down with the seller? Or do you think my money would be much better off saved and spent on the new 1080p resolution tablets coming out this year?? (I am super excited about the ipad3 (even if it's an apple product)/transformer TF700T (or called infinity pad TF700T now)/ideapad k2 (which will supposedly have a dock like the TF700T)/ huawei mediapad fhd, etc.)

I know the lg thrill 4g could easily be a cheaper substitute for the evo 3d, but I must say that I am rather biased against lg phones (because my first phone and my current phone are LGs, and.......). Are there any people out there who've ACTUALLY used the evo 3d OR anyone who has spent a lot of time researching and comparing smartphones to be able to give a good opinion on which ones are currently the best in the market?

***Reading my post, I think some people might get confused with what I'm asking. My main question is "whether or not a GSM version of the HTC EVO 3D that has been unwrapped for 4 days is worth $300.00, considering it's current value in price and specs and longevity in the market." Everything else I would like answered, but are not the main reason for my post. What is the general consensus on what the GSM version HTC Evo 3D mentioned above is worth in dollars? Thanks in advance.

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