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Unhappy Cowon j3 sd card removal problem, any ideas ?

I have been using Cowon j3 for a month or so and enjoyed it.
Couple of days ago I decided to expand the memory and ordered 32g Sandisk from Amazon.
Got it today, inserted, card works fine both with vide and music.

The only problem: I tried to remove it, it doesn't pop up. Played with that for few minutes,
pressed it using the corner of credit card it foes all the way down but no click, nothing Any ideas ?

Might it be a defective spring, I don't plan to remove it frequently, but it's kind of frustrating that top-of-the-line player has such annoying problems
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mine needs pushing further down further than the top of the slot before it releases. are you pushing it down far enough?
the credit card edge might not be thin and/or strong enough - i use the handle of a flat teaspoon.
i only get a click on mine when its ejected - not when its fully inserted
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Originally Posted by jpgr View Post
i use the handle of a flat teaspoon.
I use a toothpick, both pushing it all the way in to lock, and then pushing it down to have the lock release and the spring push it up slightly above the edge of the socket.

Then I use a needle-nose pliers to grab that little bit of edge that's exposed, and pull it out.
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the problem is that i don't hear any click when I push down .I pushed strong enough usin cc edge and tweezer. I'll try another time I had a magnifying watchmaker glass (head warn ) and I couldn's see the edge of tyhe card exposed even slightly after pressing. I found multiple complains about the issue on iaudiophile forum. Looks like it's whidespread defect. I'll cal BH where I bought it asking for exchange as well
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Default Success (and possible explanation)

I finally managed to remove the card using needle ended pliers.
Then I insert and removed card for about 10 times into usb adapter which come with it and I paid attention that last few times I needn't apply a lot effort to remove it

I just put the card again into J3 and now I can remove with no problems : I press card with fingernail it clicks and pops for half of it length so I can just grab it with fingers and pull it out.

My explanation is that it probably was a very slight imperfection on the card which get polished when I pushed/pulled it multiple times from USB adaptor. It looks like the problem wasn't with J3 at least in my case ( as I mentioned many people complain about problems, but may be at least in some cases the card is the problem)
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