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Default Cowon J3 works, but the screen doesn't..

I had it connected to my laptop and something caused my computer to shutdown which I think messed up my Cowon, but at first the screen was fine...after a few hours the screen become all cracked and unreadable, now it's completely black..i can turn it on (i know this b/c of the sound it makes when you touch the screen) but i can't see what i'm doing and unfortunately i left the playlist i was at so now i'm stuck with nothing...PLEASE HELP/RESPOND
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The first thing to try is doing a reset. Find a safety pin or something similar. Look at the back of your J3. You'll see a small slot and two even smaller round holes their. The larger round hole is marked "reset" in stupidly faint and small letters. Stick the sharp end of the pin in there and press.
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