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Old 02-28-2012, 01:36 PM
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Exclamation Rockbox's Main Menu Is Now *Even More* Configurable, Main Menu Changing Plugin Added

****Updated Feb 13 2014. There's been a plugin added that gives the ability to modify the main menu layout. There's a link to the commit post in lebellium's message here.****

9th Feb 20:21 13412f6: main menu: Add the ability to hide and reorder the main menu items.

To change the shown menu items add the line "root_menu_order:

bookmarks, files, database, wps, settings, recording, radio, playlists, plugins, system_menu, shortcuts
Those few lines don't look like it much but it marks one of the more significant changes in Rockbox I've seen. The often requested option to make changes to the Main Menu can now be done by the average user without knowing how to write a single line of code.

All you need is a build from after the time of the announcement, finding the config.cfg file in the .Rockbox folder and a text editor. Then it's just a matter of following the directions from the manual

13.1.1 Customising The Main Menu

It is possible to customise the main menu, i.e. to reorder or to hide some of its items. To accomplish this, the file /.rockbox/config.cfg must be edited (presumably on the computer while the player is connected to it via USB). There, the line starting with root menu order: must be edited (or created if it is not present yet).

The line should look like root menu order:items, where “items” is a comma separated list (no spaces around the commas!) of the following words: bookmarks, files, wps, settings, recording, radio, playlists, plugins, system_menu, shortcuts. Each of the words, if it occurs in the list, activates the appropriate item in the main menu. The order of the items is given by the order of the words in the list. The items whose words do not occur in the list will be hidden, with one exception: the menu item “Settings” will be shown even if its word is not in the list (it is added as the last item then).

Use the line root menu order:- to reset the menu order

Only the main menu can be customised this way, submenus can not.
I haven't found a way to make it not work as long as the basic requirements are met. I've placed the required line at the front, middle and end of the .cfg file and the menu still displays properly. I have put the same item in the root_menu_order line several times and there's an instance of that menu item, in the order I listed, that shows up in the menu. I guess there may be a way to goof it up if I tried hard enough but it seems as long as I followed the basic directions things I got the main menu I wanted.

I really like that you can control the order the menu items are listed. It's not much effort to scroll past the items I don't often use but it's easier for me to remember fewer key presses for blind operation. For me one of the best parts is that I have created and named multiple .cfg files and "play" them to change my menu options in a few button presses.

One of the more common complaints I've seen about Rockbox has been the amount of information that's presented in the default main menu. The number of menu items available seems to overwhelm a number people with the variety of choices possible. I've seen quite a few posts here and on other sites where someone installed Rockbox and uninstalled quickly when they found they couldn't eliminate or reorder main menu items.

I think once they know that they can easily cut that down to only what they actually use a lot of the feeling that Rockbox is too"busy" should go away. I've been using Rockbox for a few years now and I'm fairly familiar with the old Main menu. I've cut that down to just Files, Playlist Catalog, and Settings. It was easy to use before but eliminating all the things I never use, Recording, Radio etc. has made made it even easier.

Thanks again everyone involved with the Rockbox project. You transform some decent DAPs into great music machines.

Last edited by skip252; 02-13-2014 at 05:58 PM. Reason: Added update message and a link to leb's post
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