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Default Classical Music Headphones Suggestions

Hello everybody!

I'm posting a few questions on behalf of me dad. He likes classical music but is finding it hard to enjoy listening to the songs on his sansaclip and his current cheapish IEMs.

At first i don't think he was getting a good seal with them, but now i think he has but finds that due to classical music being quiet at sections he 'hears' his own body too much (especially when walking about).

I kinda get what he means. When u have ear plugs in and you are cut off from hearing the outside world your body tends to listen to its inner self and you focus more on the bones in your body thumping (when u walk), yer heartbeat etc etc.

When i sleep at night, sometimes i hear amplified body sounds through the pillow im resting my head on, it can be quite annoying and stop me from sleeping (and im not usually a light sleeper, i can block out taps dripping etc).

It's worse for him when walking in town and hearing cars also passing him by (remember he has a tight seal with his current IEMS, but he's listening to classical music which can drop off suddenly to extremely quiet sections).

So I'm wondering if anyone here who is a fan of classical music in particular has felt the same way in the past and found any solutions?

This is not a problem i experience. I listen to a variety of musical genres and even fairly quiet soundtrack pieces (like the recent Jane Eyre soundtrack) i don't really have any issues as i have volume up quite high. When the volume is high you can't 'hear' your own body anymore so this is really a classical/IEM issue only (when listening to pop such as Pink Floyd etc its not an issue for him).

I might tell him to 'man up' (lol) and up the volume but my dad also has tinnitus so perhaps upping the volume isn't a viable solution.

First thing to try is perhaps help him find a GOOD pair of IEMs geared towards the classical musician buff that has excellent seal properties with minimal sound escaping and outside noise coming in (for when he's in town and can't hear cars pass by etc). I know from personal experience different IEMS do do a better job in blocking out the outside noise than others (as well as different tips).

We're not keen to use can style headphones due to their bulk, but if we had to choose cans we'd have to consider extremely low profile and also good noise cancellation properties. But IEMS is the preferable route.

Then i wanted to ask, is there a program or rockbox feature that assists a user in listening to classical, that automatically raises the volume of the quiet section and perhaps compensates by lowering the loud sections (ie so the user doesnt have to constantly adjust volume). I'm not meaning replaygain whereby volume from track to track is trying to be consistent but from within the track itself.
This might not be a good idea tho as yer taking away the song from its original intention, but thought worth mentioning.

So come on all you ABI classical music buffs, lets hear how you do it!
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