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Default [How to] Upgrade SGP 5.0 to Android v2.3.6

Disclaimer: This upgrade involves flashing a custom rom onto your Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 and could potentially brick your device rendering it unusable. Upgrade at your own risk. These instructions are for the US version (the one with no physical home button). Please read everything before starting.

This guide is meant to show you how I upgraded my US SGP 5.0 to android 2.3.6. There may be some unnecessary steps because I was trying to decipher what is supposed to be done from reading the XDA-Developers Forum and the instructions there are little vague. This guide is what worked for me but if you want to read their post you can find it here:

(Update 4/5/2012): After making this guide I found out that "Part 1: Rooting your player" is completely unnecessary. It won't hurt anything if you do but it's not needed. I will be leaving it in the guide so that it might help anyone who is looking for instruction on how to root. Sorry for not updating this sooner. Also, there is a new android 2.3.6 ROM out that might be better since it is based on an official European Samsung ROM for the Galaxy Player Wifi 5.0. Check it out here:

Note: Credit goes to the xda developers (eng_matt) for making the custom rom. Also thanks go to AnyThingButiPOD forum member "tcat" for posting the original link to custom rom.

Part 1: Rooting your player

Find the latest version of "SuperOneClick" here: As of writing the current version is 2.3.3. For your convenience, here is the download link for that version:

If you haven't already, download and install the Samsung Kies software, we don't really need the program for anything but we do need the windows device drivers that come with it when you install. You can download Kies here:

Now, on your Samsung Galaxy Player (SGP) go to into the settings. Tap "Application" to enter the applications menu. Make sure to check the box for "unknown sources", Android will probably give some kind of warning so just say yes or okay if it does. Now tap "Development" to enter that menu, check the box for "USB debugging". Tap ok if it gives you a warning message. Now if you have an SD card in your SGP, go back to the main settings menu and tap "SD card and phone storage" and then tap "Unmount SD card". Now return to the home screen.

Now when you downloaded "SuperOneClick" it should be in a zip file. Extract the zip file to a folder, then right click "SuperOneClick.exe" and select "run as administrator". Do not change any of the settings, your screen should look like this:

Plug the SGP into your computer. Windows should tell you that it installing drivers for the device, wait for windows to tell you that it installed the drivers successfully. Note: the drivers will not install if you did not install the Samsung Kies software. If your SGP asks you to go into file transfer mode say no. You should be able to see your home screen on the SGP with a USB icon in the upper left hand corner.

Now look at SuperOneClick, click the big "root" button on the left. Be patient while it roots the device, the process took me about 3 to 4 minutes. After it's done it should pop up a box saying that it's done and ask you if you would like to run a test, say yes. After that's done, you should have something that looks like this:

Now if your SGP is anything like mine, it will seem very slow and laggy right now. Unplug and Restart the SGP and it should be back to normal now. You should also notice the "superuser" app has been installed.

Part 2: Flashing the new ROM

Download the android v2.3.6 custom ROM here:

Make sure you get the one for the US Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. I used v3 of the rom that is the only one that I know works for sure. For your convenience, here is the link for the US custom ROM v3 but double check everything:

You should now have a ".rar" file. Unpack it and you should now have a folder with a "Eryigit_Rom_PDA_YP-G70_G70ZCKPA.R.3.0-Defult-USA.tar" file in it. That ".tar" file is what we need for the next part. If you don't have a program that can unpack ".rar" files then go download one such as 7zip.

Find and download the program called Odin3 v1.85. I don't know if that is the latest version or not but that's what I saw other people using. There doesn't seem be to any webpage for this program but I used this download link:

Extract the zip file to a folder and right click on "Odin3 v1.85.exe" and select "run as administrator". Leave the settings alone, your screen should look like this:

For this next part we need to enter the "DOWNLOAD MODE" of your SGP, this is special mode for emergency flashing of firmware. To start, make sure your SGP is turned off and unplugged from your computer. Press and hold the Volume Down button on side of the SGP. While doing that, press and hold the power button to turn on the SGP. When you see the SAMSUNG logo, let go of the power button but keep holding the Volume Down button. In a few seconds when you see the SGP go into "download mode" let go of the volume down button. Your SGP should look like this now:

Now plug your SGP to your computer, Odin3 should detect the player and show its COM port in yellow like so:

Now check the box for "PDA" and click the PDA button to select the ".tar" file we unpacked earlier. Your screen should look like this:

When you're ready, click the start button. Give it few minutes to do its thing. When it's done the SGP should automatically restart and your Odin3 screen should look like this:

Now when your SGP is restarting, it might take a long time so be patient. You should also notice a new boot animation. Once get back up and running you'll notice all your stuff and settings are still there. We need to reset everything back to defaults, that means a complete wipe of the device. Make a list of the apps you have installed so you can go download them again later. Backup stuff you want to keep to your computer or SD card.

Turn off the device and make sure it's not plugged into your computer. Press and hold the Volume UP button. While doing that, press and hold the Power button. When you see the Samsung logo, let go of the power button but keep pressing the Volume UP button. When you see the Recovery mode, let go of the Volume UP button. This menu is called the ClockWorkMod Recovery mode. It is similar to the default android recovery mode but has much more advanced features, this recovery mode was installed as part of the custom rom.

To navigate this menu use the volume up and down buttons to move the selector, use the power button as a "enter" button. As per the instructions on the xda-developer forums, you need to perform these actions:

wipe cache partition ---> OK
Wipe data/factory reset --> OK
advanced - wipe dalvik cache --> OK

Then select reboot from the main menu. Here are some pictures what the menus will look like:

When it reboots, everything should be like the player was brand new. If you get a message asking what action to perform, wait a few seconds for the setup to start. Once you've logged in with your Google account then it might ask you to pick a action. Select the one with the word setup, sorry I don't have any pics of that.

You should be done after that. I'm still trying to figure everything out in this ROM, I'll post any bugs that I find here. If you need more screenshots and more pictures of the process, xda-developer eng_Matt has posted this PDF with a guide on Odin3 flashing:

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