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Old 02-24-2012, 05:31 PM
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Default Best 3d effects on blu ray or best 3D movies available

I’m a bit old school and have always watched movies in 2D, but recently purchased a new TV that plays 3D with a blu ray DVD player and I have to say "some scenes are down right impressive." I’ve only seen a few but the one’s I’ve seen blow me away with their “pop” out effects. So I’ve decided to get a few movies with good/great 3D pop out effects and thought it would be nice to start a thread here with a list in this first post that we can update based on member recommendations. Again, these are only 3D movies, for example in "Under the Sea" there's a grouper (they call it a Cod fish) that swims out like 6+ feet (2 meters +) out of your screen, it's really impressive to see ...

Without further ado here’s what I have on my 3D blu ray movie list, I don't have all the titles yet but do have a few.
  • Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage
  • IMAX: Under the Sea 3D (excellent 3D effects, there's a grouper that pops out so far it's past the half way mark between you and the screen)
  • How to Train Your Dragon (I've not seen the 3D version but I'm going on what Yuki told me)
  • IMAX: The Ultimate Wave (in addition I’ve read that most of the Imax 3Ds are good)
  • Despicable Me (I've not seen it yet in 3D)
  • Megamind (little to none 3D pop out effects, it's depth that is added to this 3D)
  • Monsters vs Alien (I've not seen it yet in 3D)

*I have purposely left off “Avatar” as it’s not a movie that I want to own but if others want it on the list, I do not have a problem adding it to the list.

Edit: BTW these things are really expensive IMO so if you hear of good deals feel free to let us know ...
Edit 2: I reordered the list based on what I've seen in the order of best pop out 3D effects

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