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Default E200v2 sees pla but list is "empty"

I used PLame to create a pla playlist on my E200v2 in MSC mode. In MSC mode the Sansa playlist directory isn't visible (it is in MTP mode) so I saved the pla file to the music directory. Let the Sansa database refresh and amazingly the pla file showed up in the Playlists directory. But when I clicked on the playlist it said it was empty.

I opened the pla file in notepad and all the songs I added are listed there.

I also saved the pla file on my hd, switched to mtp mode, and moved the file to the Playlist directory. It showed up in that directory, along with the other one, but it too was empty.

Anybody know why this is happening? Am I saving the pla file in the correct location?

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I don't have the E200v2 and haven't used PLame but based on my Clips and M3U playlists, I would put the playlist in the Root directory.

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I never heard of the .pla file type, perhaps the Sansa doesn't recognize it. Did you try to make it a m3u file and test?
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Default .pla format playlists

The pla format playlist is the standardized format used in MTP mode. Its primary advantage is that pla format lists are not path-specific, meaning that the Sansa can locate the music files regardless of their specific location.

Have you tried placing the list in the Playlist folder?

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