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Old 02-23-2012, 03:17 AM
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Default The weirdest problem...Playlists Not Appearing Properly after Formatting a J3

A little background:

I'm using Mediamonkey to Auto-sync in MTP mode (gasp! I said the "S" word.... ).
I'm using Mediamonkey to build playlists, then dragging them over to Playlist Creator and making my .m3u playlists with that. It works great (or has been for the past day or two) and takes very, very little effort to do (which is what I need).
I have 4 main playlists: Country, Easy Listening, Hard Rock and Hip Hop

Everything was working great until yesterday. I forget what was going on (I think in randomly ran into this problem) but then I re-formatted the J3 using Windows (7) and re-added my music and I still have this crazy problem:

I will have all 4 playlists (made by Playlist Creator) on the J3, and ONLY on the Hard Rock playlist, will all of the tracks come up as "J3" (see video, link below). This is obviously still the list of my songs, except now they're all called "J3". If I click on one, it will start to play that song, except I don't know what it is until I play it. Once the song is played, my language changes to Chinese or Japanese (sorry, I don't know which one) and it stays like that until I manually press the reset button on the back.

However, if I reset the device, and go straight to Country, Easy Listening or Hip Hop, the device works fine. It's only the Hard Rock playlist that's giving me problems.

Thank you in advance

*I refuse to use Windows Explorer or any other method to transfer my songs/playlists, so if that's your reply, I politely reject it *

Here is a link to the video that shows my problem:

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