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Default how do I use the Replaygain feature on clip plus?

The manual just explains what rf gain is. Do I need to listen to every song and determine the level that I want, then somehow save the setting to a song?
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Originally Posted by a. wayne View Post
The manual just explains what rf gain is. ...
In the manual I don’t see anything about what you say “RF gain,” on the other hand they do support “Replay Gain” if that’s what you’re talking about. On page 23 of the manual you can read this:
Replay Gain
Replay Gain is a method of maintaining a constant perceived volume level during playback. For more information on Replay Gain, please visit our Knowledgebase (
1. Select Replay Gain.
2. Press select on Mode to apply Replay Gain on Song, Album, or disable Replay
3. Press select on Pre-Gain to select the Replay Gain level.
4. Press the |<< button once to return to the previous menu or press |<< button
twice to return to the playback screen.
If that’s it, you can visit the hydrogenaudio knowledge base here to find out about it. You can also get more information here.

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Yes I meant replay gain- so it looks like I listen to songs and determine if I need to adjust the gain to the individual ones, and then the settings will be saved to that song when I listen again?
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I edited the thread title.

For Replaygain to work properly, you have to apply Replaygain to *all* your tracks and albums. Foobar2000 has the best Replaygain implementation, I would use this one. It's an automatic process, you don't have to adjust anything.
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