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Old 02-21-2012, 04:50 PM
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Default Custom patched Rockbox build for the Cowon iAudio X5

Not sure if there's any demand for this, but I assume there are still some people like me out there, using the X5 on a daily basis. So I thought I'd share my custom Rockbox builds here, if anyone's interested.

Included patches are:
  • FS#00000 - Meier Crossfeed v4 (removes the default crossfeed and implements both Bertrik's Meier v2 and v3 crossfeeds)
  • FS#00000 - Channel Swap (selectable in sound settings > channel configuration, great for IEMs that are more comfortable with the left bud in the right ear, and vice versa)
  • FS#00000 - Keymap changes (long press on play/pause goes to file browser instead of stopping playback)
  • FS#09305 - Context sensitive backlight on key press
  • FS#11052 - SID playback in stereo
  • FS#12075 - Add timeout to quickscreen

Download: 120414-449dff4M-iaudiox5 (FS#9305, FS#11052, FS#12075, Meier v4, channel swap, keymap) - dfkt

You can also try my X5 bootloader. It boots the X5 on a short flick of the power slider (contrary to the default bootloader which requires to hold the power slider and shows an annoying and faulty "shutting down" message when doing a short flick):
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