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Default New headphones for my J3

so my earbuds have officially died, they were awesome for 2 years, I had the sony MDR-E12LP.
instead of buying them again, I was thinking of buying new headphones. I've already got the sony XB-700. They're quite big, so I don't really feel comfortable wearing them around outside. I'm looking for the same kind of quality though, because I'm really satisfied with these headphones.
I'm not gonna spend this much on headphones again though, I'm looking for something smaller, but still good.
I've been to the media store today and I thought these were good:
sennheiser HD 201, sennheiser HD 202 II, sennheiser HD 407, sennheiser HD 205 II. I also saw other sony headphones, but those were like smaller and they didn't seem very good. like the sony dr-v150ip. and what about the Creative HQ-1600? are they any good?
well the headphones I just named are random, I don't know anything about them really. If you guys know any other headphones that might be better, tell me please
I'm gonna spend max 50 euros on the headphones.

here's everything in a list:
price range: 0 to 50 euros
type: portable headphones or not too big full size headphones (headphones for outdoors)
Style: I prefer the ones that are all around your ear, like the xb-700.
Location: outdoors so not too big and shouldn't look too bad.
media: I mostly listen to artists like onerepublic, james morrison, leona lewis, the script and stuff. But once in a while I also listen to hip hop. And I just like to hear the bass in my music, so bass headphones are proffered!
Location: the Netherlands

so if you got any nice headphones in your mind, tell me! I'm very interested =D

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