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Default Needs super durable mp3 player

I love music, and i wish i could listen to it all the time. But i have one major problem... I'm super active and end up being really rough on all my stuff, even though i try my best to keep them out of harms way.

I had an old Coby but it started dying randomly, and the latte that i got to replace it died in a month. So far the only thing that hasn't died on me is a tank cd player i bought at a thrift store, but lugging around the player and cds is really weighing down my backpack (not to mention taking up a lot of space).

I can be death on touch screens and touch buttons, but i'm not very picky with sound quality... (honestly as long as there are no pauses and crackling i can't tell the difference)

To sum it up: Very durable, long lasting battery (prefered waterproof/resistant) mp3
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Get either a clip+ or clipzip. The build quality is better than the player you had before. They're designed for active usage, and they're small with excellent SQ.
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Agreed. Also, the Sansa Clip+/Clip Zip is a relatively inexpensive player (one of the best cost/value ratio IMHO), so if you ever lose it or break it, no big deal, get a new one.

On the downside, the battery is rated at twelve hours (expect less than that under normal use) so don't forget to recharge it often.

As for waterproof/water resistant players, I know that some exists, but I don't recall any review about them here. You may also consider a waterproof case.

Here is some waterproof players, but I can't tell if they're any good:
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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Get either a clip+ or clipzip. The build quality is better than the player you had before. They're designed for active usage, and they're small with excellent SQ.
Agreed, I use mine in all sorts of activities and no problems. My son broke the screen on his v1 and it still works fine and mines gone flying (naturally by accident) landing on hard/ruff road and still works great ....

Now I have a Clip zip and no issues with it either and running rockbox on it transforms a nice little player into a great little player with all the added options

Edit: BTW my old ones all still work fine, got the zip for the expansion slot but I'm thinking of retiring my old ones for parts even tho they work fine (they have small memory 1 & 2GB)

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I have a Clipzip and I actually wasn't all that impressed with the build quality... mostly plastic with a nice glass plate over the screen... No complaints thought
Just note: its the sort of durability that you can rough up and throw it around, but it doesn't feel particularly nice just sitting in your hand. But thats just because its plastic. As far as plastic build quality goes, its as good as it gets.
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