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Default OGG playback quality

TL;DR: OGG -q 10 (~ 500 kbps) sounds noticably worse than FLAC. Should it?

Long version: I know OGG is a lossy format etc etc, still, I wouldn't expect to hear a difference between OGG and FLAC. Especially since it's supposed to be way better than mp3.

I used to convert my FLAC/WAVs to ogg -q8 (~ 256 kbps). I've always realized they sound a little weird, but I've never done any 1:1 comparison. Weeell now I did. The best example is my 96/24, and binarual to boot, FLAC album (btw: it's Ottmar Liebert - Up Close; highly recommended, it's on hdtracks). Of course the Clip+ can't handle 24b, but it can handle 96 kHz all right. So I converted the files to A) 96 kHz/16b FLAC, B) 48 kHz/16b OGG. And there's definitely a difference - the OGG sounds harsh and the space is flat. Then I loaded the player with more FLACs instead of the original OGGs and now everything sounds way much better.

I wouldn't expect to hear such a difference on a small player (Clip+) and much less on Porta Pro headphones, which I've never considered to be very good.

I wonder if it's supposed to be like that, or the Clip+ isn't that good at playing OGG files? For the record, I'm not a fan of 320 kbps LAME mp3s either.

(BTW any idea how can I convert 96 to 48 kHz FLACs? No luck finding this option in Foobar2k.)
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