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Unhappy J3 won't start; reset doesn't work

I tried to turn on my J3 this morning. It showed the regular COWON screen during start up, but then the screen went completely black. It doesn't respond to any button presses or when I touch the screen; the reset button on the back does nothing, and plugging it in using the wall charger or through USB to a PC does nothing either.

Last night the battery was at 75%, so I don't think the battery is the issue. When I look at it in a dark room with all the lights off, I can see that the screen's backlight is very faintly lit as if the screen is on but the rest of the system is somehow frozen and not displaying any of the UI. Also, the system doesn't respond to any USB connection. It won't charge, and it doesn't even register on a PC.

I'm wondering if anyone has seen anything like this or if there's any solution to get the thing to wake up again. I'm kind of hoping that the dim backlight will drain the battery eventually and maybe it'll respond when it's completely out of power, but I'm not sure. The fact that the reset button on the back doesn't even work can't be a good sign.

It's just weird that it happened all of a sudden because I've never once had an issue with the system -- never frozen up, never had any tag errors, nothing. Then, all of a sudden while starting up it just froze.

I'd really appreciate any help or ideas you guys may have! My warranty has expired and I like the J3, but I don't want to get a new one if there's a chance it'll randomly break without warning.
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