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Default Help With Buds for Working Out, Running

I'm looking for around 25 dollars, and if there are any quality bluetooth buds I'd be really interested in that. SQ isn't my main requirement here, it's more comfort. I have my pair of S4's but they don't stay in my ears very well while at the gym, and I'm worried my wire is starting to go bad at the male end with so much movement.

On a related note are there any smaller mp3 players that can do bluetooth? I have a clip+ but would be interested in a small mp3 player and a set of bluetooth buds.
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Blutooth reduces sound quality. It also eats up battery power much faster. I suggest you skip the blutooth, and get a wired IEM. Where do you keep your player? Some people clip the clip+ to their waist, then run the wire underneath their shirt. I guess another idea is to clip it to your collar or neckband if you don't adjust the player much while working out.
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