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Default J3 ...totally screwed??

Hi I'm after some advice please...... my J3 in the last couple of days has been sluggish to respond when pressing play etc.Yesterday when I turned it on the display was messed up with bright garish pixels (pink green blue) and white bands, like when a computer graphics card is dying (artifacting). After a period it failed to start up at all , leaving a black screen with a "invalid resource" message,It showed up as a drive on PC, but the folders were weird symbol folders that can't be accessed and showed 0 Bytes, but now the screen looked fine. I tried the Tcctools trick but failed to boot up. I had to format and wipe everything and reinstalled firmware.

All seemed fine till I connected to pc to load some music today. all folders showed up and music transfered ok. Disconnected and screen went funny again on start up, so reformatted again, as I only had 2 albums on, only it failed to do it. Now I've the "invalid resource" message again, and can't get into the root folders, pc asks to format before you can access root directory or see it, but it fails. Tried formatting with SDformat program but says drive is write protected. Basically can't do anything with it, can't get any firmware near it or access it, or format it...have done reset button etc. tried on different pc. It seems to be charging via usb ok and screen looks fine when doing that

its only year and a half old from Amazon, but i can't find the receipt anywhere. .any help would be great on what to do, many thanks
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