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Old 01-30-2012, 03:02 PM
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Default What has been your best bass experience so far?

Seems like a lot of the requests lately have been for "best bass for $XXX" so I figured I would start a thread that was kind of relevant to that and may help collect some thoughts. So anybody else want to share what some of your best portable bass experience has been? All mine are off a samsung galaxy captivate with poweramp player and no add on amp.

xears N3i - good bass but not user friendly at all. cloth jcord and huge bodies. pita, never use them anymore.

hippo VB - sub bass and good clarity across for me. big body made fit an issue and build quality came to be a problem but man could they do the bass thing well without shaming the rest of the spectrum.

philips she3580 - I dont want to be a FOTM fanboy so I will toss up the stuff people DONT liek to talk about first...terrible terrible cable. nozzles are a slightly off norm size so spare tips are a bit loose but usable. there is soem distortion and a little bleed over at times. now the good stuff. $10 and they boom like crazy, go lower than the E10 for sure. rest of the sound is decent too. Not some crazy "you get $100 sound for $10 but you get more than your moneys worth at $10 for sure.

Soundmagic E10 - doesnt have the sub bass rumble of the two above but is a great all arounder with enough bass to appease me. and they have that feature that I loved about the hippo...they sound good with anything so I don't have to swap out or skip tracks.

XB500 - crazy bass but I found they needed EQing to sound less than muffled...which of course made the bass less impactful. great for specific use if you only listen to hip hop or maybe electronic music. so comfortable and deep bass.

cortex 2500 - my favorite so far in my limited bass heavy cans. the rest of the sound is good enough that I am not ashamed to love them. worth $50 IMHO. I paid $25 so I am thrilled.

OK, so you guys post yours. Maybe if we get enough I will quote your replies and add them to this OP for easier reference.
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