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Default Zen Vision M dead - no light, no nothing


First post here - please be gentle!

I have a Zen Vision : M, given to me by a friend. He bought it around 5 years ago, and it worked for a year (maybe two) and he then dropped it and it stopped working. From the description he gave me at the time it sounded to me as if the HDD had failed; it started up but wouldn't do anything (I think he said the screen showed an error message, but can't be sure about this.)

He was going to get it fixed, but never got 'round to it ... and has now given it to me! In the intervening time it has sat in the original box in his basement (clean and dry and cool), and hasn't been plugged in, switched on or anything.

His comments were "Here Oli, you are good at fixing things, do you want this?", and it is now mine. I have plugged it in to try and make it work and it won't do anything. I understand there is meant to be a blue light to the top right of the screen, but this won't light up. The screen doesn't come on, it makes no noises, it's just dead. I have tried pressing the 'reset' button with a pin, and this makes no difference. Neither does holding the 'lock' slider across or anything like that.

I have the white connector block that clips onto the bottom of the device and have plugged the device into my computer using this and a USB cable. I have also tried plugging this into a high-current USB charger (used for my HTC desire), and leaving it to charge overnight. This still makes no difference - it is still dead.

I've taken it apart and identified the battery and HDD. The battery is slightly unusual in that it looks a little 'baggy' - the silver plastic/paper front of it appears to be loose, although this could be normal. There is no apparent damage to the inside of the device (no obviously broken connectors or solder joins) and everything is plugged in as it should be.

I have tried unplugging the battery and plugging it in, but it is still as resolutely dead as before.

Is there anything that can be done to resurrect this chap? Or is he just as he appears to be - dead?

All help welcomed - thanks.

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