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Default Need some HELP for video playback

Hello ! I just got my new J3 16gb today. Paid 200Ä for it. It is really cool, though I still havenít mastered all the possibilities. But I have already encountered a few problems with video. (Note that Iím not very familiar with video format conversion and tinkering. Iím also not the best in English, sorry if I make some mistakes).

First, I canít play flv. MKV arenít even recognized. And when I play mp4, I only get the audio. Well, I suppose it is normal. Havenít tried with h264/x264, but I suppose it wonít work either. WMV seems to be ok.

But which really annoys me is that I canít play my Cowboy Bebop episodes, which are in .avi (and Iím pretty sure that DivX is the codec). And this is strange, because I actually can play some crappy documentary films, that are also in .avi, so I donít understand.

So, hereís some information about the file I got with my Gom Video Player:
Input Type : AVC1(GVC)
Input Size : 640 x 480
Output Type : YUY2
Output Size : 640 x 480

Is it the ďAVC1(GVC)Ē that is the problem? Because if itís AVC, it seems strange to find it in .avi, and anyway, when I got this series, there was written that itís DivX. Or maybe Iím just stupid and Iím doing a mashup with all this video stuff.

Anyway, itíd be nice to get some help!

I read there was a way to play some normally non-supported formats with add-ons, maybe this could help? I also saw some apparently good add-ons on this site (Lynx, Leaf and Sense), and Iíd like to get them. I want to know if theyíre interfering with the firmware? Because I just got a firmware update which apparently boosts the battery life of 10-20%. But I have to admit that browsing is not as good and simple as on a computer, it hides some files, and when you create different folders in the VIDEO section for example, I see them as if they were all in one folder. The add-ons might come handy if they fix this problem.

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