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Default Coby MP-C552 Clip MP3 Player Review

Coby MP-C552 Clip MP3 Player 512 MB (I wasn't sure where to post the review, so I figured I would post it here)

This, my friends, is the Coby MP-C552, or just the Coby clip. Obviously attempting to cash in on the people in the market for the iPod Shuffle, it is not nearly as good as the iPod Shuffle, the Sansa Clip, or even the Zune Clip (it's possible ) And in this review you shall see why.


Well, let's look at the design. The design has little learning curve and it is kept clean and simple. A flashing button and 3 buttons that dominate the face of the player, on the side there is a hold switch and a shuffle/normal play switch. Volume is adjusted by holding down the track skip button. The player itself is a little chunky when it comes to the thickness of the sides, but everywhere else it is only slightly bigger than the iPod Shuffle. As long as you don't wear incredibly tight pants, you should be able to comfortably pocket the player. However, the clip really doesen't clip back, just a small amount, I couldn't even clip it on my belt.
The player is also very light and durable, I've dropped it on concrete a LOT, and it still plays like the day I bought it. So that's always good.


Less features than even the iPod shuffle. It plays music in WMA/MP3 (at least the shuffle has AAC) format, and that is all it does. No FM scanner, no screen, no battery indicator, nothing but music. And as for music, it doesen't even do that well. There is a good amount of background noise while listening to music, and the volume on the player does not get very loud. The music isn't sorted very well, it will play 3 or so tracks from one artist, then go to one song from another artist, then 4 more of the other, and so on. Playing it in sequence is almost like a terrible shuffle mode. The player is really only good if you have 3 other MP3 players and they explode, then you use this one. It has a measly 6 Hour battery life, charged by USB.


I paid $20 for this black turd. Yeah, then I resold it to some poor sucker after a year of use (but it held up extremely well, props to that).


NO! You would have to be freaking stupid to get this, when you can get a Sansa Clip in 1GB for not much more. So, go get one.
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