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Default Coby MP768 Review

I frequently get the feeling that I am the only one on the planet that has one of these players, But I think I have some pretty unique thoughts about it, and many people are skeptical about Coby brand products. If you don't own one an MP768, then you may want to continue, because my experience with it is interesting. If you are thinking about buying one, read on. If you are like me and also own one of these, please read on and reply so I can get some different opinions. I feel pretty lonely right now.

The Coby MP768 mp3 player actually looks really sleek and sexy. It actually looks like a very high end player. It has a slim exterior speaker on the front. It also has a 2.4 inch LCD screen and a 7-button touchpad underneath. The only tactile button is a on/off/hold switch. On the bottom, there is a standard 3.5 mm headphone/earphone jack and a mini USB charging port.
The Coby's exterior is made of a strong painted metal. Although the materials used are excellent, I think Coby slacked when they actually assembled the pieces together. If you rub the front panel against the back panel, you can feel them wiggle a little bit. It's not going to fall apart on you, but it does feel cheap if you really try to make it feel cheap.
One thing I really can't understand is why speakers of some mp3 players are on the front of the player. I get the feeling that if the speaker was on the rear, then the screen could be 1/2 inch larger.
The rear of the player shows off its .3 mega-pixel camera and a microphone. At the bottom is some player info, like the gigabytes on the player, and a reset button.
Overall, the Coby feels slick in your hand, but not sleek enough to drop it. It is also very light.


The Coby MP768 came with a useful bundle of accessories. Along with the user manual and some warrant info, there was a pair of earphones that I actually really like, even though they are quite bulky, and a carrying case. (Check out my review of the earphones at a later time).

The case it came with is actually really nice. The material is like a soft felt. IT doesn't rip or tear easily. The player fits in perfectly. The only downside to this is as follows: It may be like some sort of quirk that I have, but the case has the word COBY embedded elegantly in the fabric, but when you put the case on the right way up, the jack for the earphones is covered up. I usually keep the case on in my pocket while I listen to the player, so I just put it on upside down. No biggie.
One thing I wish more mp3 player manufacturers would do is make charging docks, clock radios, etc. that are designed for their products, not always Ipods. I would have purchased a lot of other players if a dock was manufactured for them. Fortunately I built myself a Lego charging dock when I was really bored one day.


As I mentioned before, the Coby has a touchpad with seven different buttons. There is a traditional five-way pad, then there is a back/menu button and an options button.
The touchpad is responsive and easy to use, but personally I'd prefer regular buttons. There are lights on the touchpad that light up when you press a button, which is neat, but I would rather feel the press of a button. That would also decrease the need for a hold switch, because the touchpad can be activated easily, for example, through the case.
There is a on/off/hold switch on the side. You pull it down and hold it for about two seconds for the player to turn on. You do the same for turning it off. To put the player in holding mode, you push it upwards. I like this switch because it is easy to use, and it is nearly flush with the side of the player. It doesn't cause an obstruction. One thing that I don't like is that when turning the player on and off, it takes awhile to fully boot. It flashed a Coby logo, and it just stays that way for a second or two. Then it goes to the main menu. Same for shut-down; it just takes a little while, which is sort of annoying. I wish there was some sort of sleep mode, so the player would start up faster.


The interface of the Coby is pretty much as simple as it gets. It was a smart idea to add in a dedicated options button, so the screen is clean and clutter free of different options, etc. A special menu pops up after pressing the option button with options based on what section you are in. (Radio, photo, music, etc.)


I'm really not that skeptical when it comes to the player's sound quality; but I don't notice any flaws or anything. I guess it is just barely below Ipod sound quality. A don't have any complaints. There are several EQ settings, but the user EQ is difficult to use. The speaker, as expected, is nothing to get excited about. I didn't expect it to be impressing, and it wasn't. But it works if you want to show someone a video or song. It doesn't get very loud, but it's good to have.

Battery Life

The longest that I have probably ever listened to the Coby without stopping is about 3 hours. You'll start to see a dent in the battery life in the bar at the top after a while. I always keep the screen brightness at its lowest setting, unless I'm outside. Even the lowest setting is plenty bright. Battery life has never been a problem for me. It doesn't take long to charge anyways.


The Coby MP768 player features a neat camera. It is .3 megapixels; nothing to get excited about. I didn't know what to expect when I first bought the player, but I wasn't disappointed. You can take pretty cool pictures or videos, but if you video something really lively, like a basketball game, it gets really jumpy and it skips. Taking regular pictures is actually not bad. You'll need pretty good lighting though. One cool thing about the camera is that there are a bunch of different settings like negative colors and sepia. One thing that did surprise me is that there are scratches that somewhat easily formed on the face of the camera itself. I don't think it affects the camera though.

Check This Out

One thing about my Coby MP768 player was that it survived the washing machine. Yup. I had lost the player, and when I found it in my pants' pocket, I was sure that it was done for. I turned it on, but nothing it happened. Immediately I began to shop for my next one. Then it occurred to me; I had to try charging it. I plugged it into my computer, let it get juiced up, and viola, good as new. (Almost) There were only two side effects I could find from the incident. First of all, something that I would never expect from an mp3 player. The paint was chipping. Yup. Some of the metallic silver paint around the edges had worn off somehow. The other problem was that I think the water effected the camera. Its kind of blurrier now, but that might just be the screen. Either way, going through the wash is a pretty cool feat. Nice job, Coby.

List of Features
-Integrated speaker
-Plays video, music, text, and pictures
-FM radio
-Camera for still pictures or videos
-Comes with case
-Sleep timer
-Reset button

Next is a basic list of pros and cons for the player.

-Very cheap-only cost about $50
-Includes speaker
-Good sound quality
-Made it through the wash - its the kind of player you can rough up a bit and it still performs fine
-Really light

-Only one tactile button - the hold switch - disables use of the touchpad. However, when you are listening to a song with "hold" on and you want to skip a song, you have to take the player, turn off the hold switch, go to the right menu, and then finally adjust the volume, or track, or whatever. I don't know if Coby expects people to be doing something else on the player, but there isn't much to do while listening to music. You're better off putting in in your pocket and starring out the car window...
-The paint chipped
-No gapless playback
-Making playlists in the device takes a long time
-Scrolling through long lists takes a long time with the touchpad


The Coby MP768 media player is an excellent player for its price. It is a relatively small player, yet it is packed full of features as explained above. It's a great value for your money, and as I said before, it's the kind of player you can rough around a bit with. Those looking for a simple, stable, player that has the features they want, should look into buying one. Those who look only for sound options (gapless playback, user EQ), build quality, and playwright support and want to look elsewhere. But overall, I am surprised with what the Coby had to offer. Please reply if you have questions, comments, or ideas for an update. If you have one of these players, I'd like to see what other people think about it.

Last note: you can watch my video review of this player on youtube at

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