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Default Cowon j3 DEAD after 8 hours of power off

Question about the J3 "Sleep Mode" option. Last night, when finished listening, I clicked the on-screen power button, and chose the Sleep Mode option. At that time I had 100-75% battery (since it seems to only show battery in 25% increments). This morning, less than 8 hours later, the J3 was totally dead -- had to plug it into the charger.

I was assuming Sleep Mode would use so little power as to allow it to last over-night -- maybe I was wrong. Does that sound right for the Sleep Mode? Should I just power off when I know I won't use the J3 for at least 2-3 hours?

Well i tried power off too but seems to behave the same way...

dus this mean the j3 baterry is defective?

but i seem to get decent battery life during playback...
Any help appreciated guys...!!!
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I had the same problem last night... Sorry I'm no help, but also looking for advice/answers.
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I found sleep mode to be erratic (for me) on battery levels. I'd shut it off at work (or home) and expect it to be reasonably close when I powered it back on 9+ (12+) hours later, but sometimes it would drop drastically, sometimes not at all, and occasionally would go up. Never had it go all the way to 0, but that's why I made the switch back to non sleep mode.
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