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Old 01-22-2012, 06:03 PM
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Default I cannot create playlists with files on Clip+ and MicroSD. Can someone help?

I create my playlists using winamp. They work fine. In the case of my clip+, they work fine as long as the files are located on the clip+'s internal memory or the MicroSD card, but not on both.

It doesn't work because the Clip+ has no idea how to reach the absolute path to the MicroSD card (or the clip+'s internal memory, assuming that the playlist in on the MicroSD card).

So I need help finding a way to write playlist entries that refer to files located on the MicroSD card provided that the playlist is on the clip+'s internal memory (or viceversa).

For example, if I have a playlist with 2 files, one on the clip+ and one on the microSD card, then the m3u file, located on the clip+'s MUSIC folder, would look like this:


#EXTINF:189,Song Name 1


#EXTINF:181,Song Name 2


I did my homework and read about renaming to <microSD1> but that didn't work:


#EXTINF:189,Song Name 1


#EXTINF:181,Song Name 2


I have tried other variations such as the following but the problem is the same:










When I load the playlist, the clip+ sees only the mp3 whose relative path is listed on the m3u file. The other file is not seen.

Can someone tell me how I am supposed to rename the filepaths/folderpaths in order to enable this functionality?

(I know I could just throw all the songs into either the MicroSD card or the clip+'s internal memory, but that wouldn't answer my question and would be too much trouble.)

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Old 01-22-2012, 07:36 PM
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I can't remember seeing a way to make .m3u playlists that involve both the internal and external memories without using Rockbox. That's the only time I know where the use of "\<microSD1>\" would be relevant.

If you've found a playlist thread where the use of \<microsd1>\ has helped to create a working playlist in the Sandisk firmware could you link to it please? I'd like to test that out myself. When I've tried it in the past all I've made have been empty playlists. It would be interesting to see another approach.
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Old 01-22-2012, 08:08 PM
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There is a topic in the Fuze forum about this. The poster has a PDF file with instructions. The Clip+ and Fuze work basically the same, so this might be helpful.

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