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Default Car front speakers in addition to fullrange back speakers

Hi guys,

I recently got a car and obviously planned on getting some good audio in there. It's a Fiat Punto (small car) and the only stock speakers are two small dashboard speakers right beneath the windshield, so I bought the following and installed it all in the back:
  • Two Alpine SPG-69C3 3-way speakers, 90W RMS 350W peak
  • Rockford Fosgate sub 400W (not sure if that's RMS or peak power since there's no packaging...)
  • Kenwood 500W peak amp
(note that there's nothing installed in the front (yet))
It sounds really well and I like it a lot, but it's all coming from the back, while I am used to hearing music from up front. I really miss that, even though the sound coming from behind is really good.

I want to bring the whole soundstage more up-front, but I am unsure what kind of speakers I should get for the dashboard. They have to be quite small in order to fit (I think about 5cm, haven't measured it yet).

Small fullrange speakers may not be as good as the big ones in the back and ruin the whole setup.
Just tweeters may not provide enough frequencys to get the "up front"-sensation.
So I'm leaning towards midbass speakers (range of about 300Hz to about 10KHz), or is this a weird/bad idea?

Not sure if this makes any sense, maybe my thoughts are completely wrong, but I would like some advice before I go out and buy more stuff...
this is a link to my personal homepage which I haven't
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