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Default Metalhead needs IEM (100~150$)

So... Great forum!

Well, I'm goin to buy some new IEM, since my Koss spark plug is 100% crappy.

So I've read a lot of positive reviews on the V-Moda vibe, and the ebay price is nice (aprox US$80+shipping).

But as always I'm not so sure, because I haven't tested one of these babies yet, but I've tested a pair of Future Sonics EM3, and I felt they were good, but they're a little more expencive. (about US$150 + ship)

Beeing a metal head I'd like a pair of IEM that sound good playing metal and rock. (Metallica, ACDC, In Flames, Foo fighters + + +).

So, should I just go with the flow and buy me some V-moda vibe or what? =)
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decent info in this thread regarding Metal and IEM's.
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Originally Posted by JDGAFFLIN View Post

decent info in this thread regarding Metal and IEM's.

Just needed a second opinion on that.

I'm goin for the V-moda Vibe IEM's then.

Just one more question; how are the Grados SR60 (&SR80) compared to the Koss Porta Pro?
Because I've got a Porta Pro headset, but if the Grados deliver better sound (to the type of music I'm listening to) I'd consider buying a new headset for my laptop.
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Instead of the Grados you could get the very cheap Koss KSC-75, they deliver really nice sound for the price.
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Grados are real good for thrash metal, at least the SR225 and SR325i phones are, but they are a bit lacking in the bass for some music.


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