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Question How does my car stereo know track titles?

I burned an audio CD of some Penguin Cafe Orchestra tracks. When I put it in my (aftermarket) car stereo the car stereo displayed the track titles! How could it pick up the titles from an audio (not mp3) disk? And why did it do this for the one I burned and not for the prerecorded CDs I put in? I'm greatly mystified.
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You do not state enough information by merely stating it's not mp3, so what audio format did you use? My guess as to why your car stereo knows track titles is that the tracks are tagged with the metadata container data and your unit reads them. BTW ID3 tags work for other formats other than mp3 ...

Edit1: what software did you use to rip the original music, some software automatically tag each file, so it was there when you burned the CD.
Edit2: if it’s the radio displaying file info, then it’s RDS capable. You see why we need more info to explain it to you ...

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The software you burned the audio CD with most likely added:
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I believe this will answer all of your questions!
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