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Default MP3 player/recorder to buy - lectures/audiobook main use

Location: Maryland, USA
  • Budget: Preferably around $50 but not more (or much more) than $100.
  • Use: Main use is audiobooks/lectures. I record a lot of lectures and like to listen to them afterwards.
  • Type/Design: DAP (digital audio player, more focused on music or no video at all). I have no need of video.
  • Features: a built-in microphone (must have but does not need to be great quality), built in speaker (really want this but may not be show stopper). Also, good bookmarking functionality big thing for me. For example, the ability to bookmark multiple files and choose which one to restart.
  • Display: Display - decent size. The clip is a little small. I want something with a bigger font. Also, I would like it to display the time remaining, name of the file and artist. It would be really nice if it could be configured which tags are displayed.
  • UI/Controls: User interface with tactical buttons (preferred).

I appreciate any suggestions people have

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The Sony Walkman S545 meets everything you want, with the exception of proper bookmarking. It's kind of iffy.

But everything else is dead on what you listed.

It's a bit older, but that should also mean that it will be cheaper.
Sennheiser PX 100 still great after all these years
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The players are all horrible at recording. The recorders are missing features such a tag browsing, and some don't support variable bitrates(Olympus), or don't support bitrates over 192 kbps(the Sony recorders under $100). when usin a recorder as a player, it may not be so simple to get the files to play in the order you want, and you might have to choose to play them individually one at a time to listen to them in the correct order. Sony and Olympus has recorders under $100 that run on one or two AAA batteries and have a microSDHC card slot as well as a mic jack, and record in mp3. I suggest you get a recorder if you plan to record, even if it means that playback may be a bit annoying.
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Well I use my Sansa Clips for recording walk throughs with clients, meetings, and phone converstions. They do the job fine for me. It will meet all you needs sans speaker.
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audiobook, bookmark, builtin speaker

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