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Default good players that work with MediaMonkey

After much struggle and much help on iAudiophile, I have finally managed to create playlists in MediaMonkey and export them to a Cowon J3 (using a patch at, in case you're wondering). I need to export the same playlists (which will change weekly) to at least three other players. I can't afford three more Cowons. What I've been using until I got the J3 is Zen Creative Micros. I don't think there's any way of exporting a MediaMonkey playlist to the Zens (what I've done so far is manually duplicate the MediaMonkey list in the Creative software - very laborious), so what I'm looking for is another player that I can just send the playlists to right out of MediaMonkey. The Zens are getting old and finicky anyway, so replacements are in order.

Size: 16 Mb is fine.
Sound quality: I know it won't be as good as the Cowon, but pretty good would be nice.
Price - I paid Cdn$220 for the J3; I wouldn't want to pay more than half that (each) for the new ones.
Easy to use: at least moderately, as I have to teach five or six other people how to use these players.
Purpose: I only use these players to play music mp3s; don't need video or anything else.

BTW, some people will wonder why I'm using MediaMonkey at all. That's because it's the only program I could find that will let me sort my music files the way I need them.

Many thanks!
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