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Default m250: up/download songs in MSC mode

Hi all,

I have several notebooks, only one where MTP is recognized, on all others MSC is used always (setting "USB->Autodetect")

With MTP mode I can upload songs to my m250.
With MSC mode I cannot even see my songs and only use the m250 to carry around some files.

Can I somehow force MTP mode? I know that at least one of my notebooks does support MTP, since I used another MP3 player (a Grundig, which supports switching between MSC and MTP) with it in MTP mode.

Or is there a trick to see my songs in MSC mode?

Thanks for the info and BR,
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Well, you can try this, take all your music off, unhook your player, go to USB menu on player and select MSC, hook your player back up, copy your music back on, and unhook.

That should work, the only thing you can't do is play copy-protected tracks on it in MSC.
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I am posting in reference to item 6 in the general issues. I was having some issues seeing content on my M260. I had loaded the songs via musicmatch while in the device was in MTP mode (XP op sys). I then moved to another PC which also had XP as the op sys, but could not see the files with WMP or MM and it made no difference what mode the device was in. The device also showed up the same in explorer regardless of whether the device was in MSC or MTP (Sansa m260, as a drive). This should have been a clue as to the problem, since in MTP mode, the device does NOT even show up in explorer. It turned out that my second pc (XP op sys) needed to download the MTP drivers from the internet. It was only seeing the device in MSC mode because it did not have the proper drivers. If you open the "Safely remove hardware" icon in the sys tray, then go to properties and update the driver by connectng to the interenet, you will be able to see it as a true MTP device. I agree with the posters who said that you can only see the songs in explorer in MSC mode if you put them their while in MSC mode and that if you mix and match content transferred in different modes, you will need to recall which mode you used for each one.
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Smokin68GTX, what version of firmware do you have?

By the way, it might be better not to post in old threads.
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