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Default Clip+ Dodgy battery indicator and charging

I've bought my C+ shortly before X-mas, so it's about 3 weeks old. I find the battery indicator to be really crap. It's all over the place, sometimes dropping, then recovering. I thought it's an aspect of a new battery, but that should be sorted out by now.

Last night, I gave a shot at 'reformatting' the battery (shouldn't hurt, since it's still new). I gave the player a full charge, let it play until it turned off. Then I connected it to a PC on standby (USB is still powered, so it registers as a charger, but not as a computer). Immediately I check the battery on the C+ - it shows 21%. WTF? I expected less than 5%. I turn on the PC, 2 hours later, C+ shows full battery icon. I disconnect the C+ and check the battery - it's just at 81%. I reconnect the C+ and it keeps charging.

Is it the usual C+ behavior or is it fit for RMA? The battery life seems okay, it gives me some 10+ hours on OGG and FLAC files, so that's fine I guess. But the indicator is really weird.

Using latest firmware, 16 or something.

Second, unrelated question/problem: on about two occasions so far, the music didn't start to play - playback was on, time was advancing, but there was no sound. All it needed is restarting the playback (<< button) and suddenly the sound was back. On both occasions, this was right after turning the player on. Did this happen to anyone?

Thanks for advice.

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