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Old 11-28-2012, 02:59 PM
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Default new around....looking for enlightment! Is a Rockboxed Fuze+ a good choice?

hi all!
After along searching "around" and many different opinions (and this is where my eyes started popping out...)i decide to make a new thread too.
i had for a few months tha clip+and i was very happy with that little device but yesterday it had a little accident and now is out of order..
i dont have a lot of experience on players and the sansa clip+ is a reference point for me.
i liked a lot that with clip+ i could: plug and play,rockboxed,was very fast,i could play 24/96 files and yes in some tracks like hotel california that it was vinyl ripped it was audible even with blind test(and i was very proud when i was showing the screen of clip on a ipod guy with 96khz on,iwas very satisfied with the SQ,the clear and no hiss sound and the output power.
unfortunatelly here in greece sandisk's player r not popular and the r not in our market,so i look for it in some foreign site but i notice that while i had bought it 40 euros now it costs more than 70 euros and the newer model like fuze+ i can find it almost at the same price
can fuze+ give all the above (even if rockbox or not )that clip+ gave me(and i have to say that the noise of "click" from the buttons of clip+ wasn t so good especially at night)i was thinking since they r at the same price,to buy the fuze+ even that they r not everybody so enthusiasm with fuze+ as they were with clip+
so since it covers my needs(above)i intend to buy it
is there someone who has checked it and pleaseeeee enlight me too...
thanks a lot anyway!!!
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