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Default Sony NWZ-E463 vs. Sandisk Sansa Clip Plus

Hi everyone,

First of all: english is not my native tongue, so sorry in advance for any mistakes.

I have stubbornly refused to buy an mp3 player for years (and carried my old fashioned discman + cd's with me instead), but finally decided to buy one for the first time now. I did some research on this website to decide which one suits me best (after ruling out the iPod because the Shuffle doesn't have a display and the latest Nano gets mediocre reviews). I narrowed it down to Sony NWZ-463 and Sansa Clip+ (these are both available in a local store here, the Clip Zip isn't), but I can't decide which one to buy. This is what I'm looking for:

1. I would like it to be durable, if possible. The main reason why I didn't buy an mp3 player yet, is because they often seem to last only a few years, while my 10+ years old discman still works perfectly fine. I'm willing to pay more money (up to 150 euros) if that would give me an mp3 player that is significantly more durable than the NWZ E463 or the Clip+.
2. Good sound quality (for decent, but not very expensive sennheiser headphones)
3. long battery life would be nice. The Sony seems to be much better than the Clip+ in this regard.
4. I don't need more than 4GB storage capacity.
5. I want to use it only for listening to music. Nothing else.
6. It has to be easy to use (I won't 'rockbox' it, whatever that means). I'd like to be able to easily create playlists (there seems to be a problem with playlists on the Clip Zip... does the Clip+ have this problem too? What about the Sony?)
7. I like the fact that the Clip+ has a clip-on, but this is not very important.

I'm really stuck now. Which one should I buy?

Thanks in advance for your tips!
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