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Default Displaying/storing headphones

I am about to move into a new place and I am trying to figure out a good way to stoer my headphones when not in use. I don't need all of them out in the open but I figured I want to keep the most frequently used sets in easy reach. Like 3 cans maybe. Probably on a shelf over the entertainment center or my wall bookshelf. I have a few thoughts and was looking for feedback.

Option 1 - mannequin heads. This was my first preference but a lot of the heads look a little creepy or more like aliens. Even the ones that look OK are kind of bland in plain Styrofoam. I kind of like the clear ones though. This should treat the cans the most like they are on a head and any changes in shape would be less noticeable. A generic faceless shape like on this display would be great.

Option 2 - Clear acrylic tubing instead of the heads. same idea, they clamp on like it was on a head. the tube could be slotted to store the cable inside. I could even get fancy and mask and paint the lower portion so the cable was less visible. This is one of my favorites aesthetically but it would but curvature on the earpads. Hopefully it wouldn't reshape them. Also ensuring the same length for a uniform look and smooth cuts for level placement would require care or special tools.

Option 3 - hangers. There are tons of options here. Hand towel hangers, banana hangers, 3m hooks, or screw mounted wall hangers. All have the same 3 issues...possible indentions in the headband, loose hanging cups could be messy, no place to put cables.

so any ideas or input?
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